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eGO Move Unicycle: Good for the environment, good for you!

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    In these times we have a lot to worry about. Work, money but most important: the environment. It is no secret that humans play an important role in the current pollution of our planet. Luckily, we are also rapidly inventing new means and ways to take responsibility for our actions. Electric devices and means of transportation are part of this development. Enter the eGO Move!

    Watch people try our new, environment friendly device!

    The eGO Move is compact, convenient and most importantly: environment friendly. Its single wheel is excellent for purposes such as dropping by the biological supermarket to get some fresh vegetables. Want to go get some food directly from the farmers who live far from the city? Ride your eGO Move mono wheel and enjoy the fresh air at the same time! In short, do you long for the freedom not to use the car whenever you want?

    Have fun in an environmentally safe way with our eGO Move!

    Are you keen on improving the air quality, but move further without emitting any nasty gases? Then you can try our eGO Move and combine your conscious lifestyle with a stylish way of bike/scooter. Who knew that environment friendly could be so hip, fun and cool? Look at our website or social media to see where we will hold our next demonstration, or buy your own eGO Move at!

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